Monday, July 7, 2014

VT PEEP and Virginia Junior Beef Leadership Academy

There are two brand new programs that were just introduced from Virginia Tech that are available for high school students.

VT PEEP is a poultry emphasis enhancement program that is open to youth and adults. The youth have to be rising freshman or older in high school. Adults must be certified 4-H volunteers. This two-day enhancement program will include tours of hatcheries, grow-out facilities, and processing plants, as well as seminars on nutrition, eggs, and carcass evaluations. Please see the attached flier and registration for more information.

Virginia Junior Beef Leadership Academy is designed to promote leadership and develop beef industry knowledge. This three-day program will consist of industry tours, as well as participation in the Masters of Beef Advocacy program and a visit with National Cattlemen’s Beef Association staff in Washington, D.C. The attached flier and registration provide additional details.

Both programs are limited and youth will be evaluated on their application, essays and academic merit (Beef Leadership program). Entries must be submitted electronically by July 20th.

This information will also be posted to the Youth Livestock web site at For more information, please contact Dr. Paige Pratt at pjpratt@vt.eduor 540-231-4732.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Last Night of Camp

Tonight was our final night of camp. The storms were all around us and moved things indoors, but we didn't experience any really bad weather. We moved things indoors and still managed to have a memorable evening. It was a long day, but we'll rest well tonight and have more to share with you in the morning!

Polar Bear Plunge Attracts Large Crowd

This morning we offered our traditional polar bear plunge -- an early morning swim in the pool.  They were happy campers to be up so early! Adult volunteer Asa led the way.

See the crowd that we had?!?  If you can't pick out your child, he/she was being a sleeping beauty back in the dorms.

Waiting for the countdown. 3...2...1...

Bluberry helped add ice to try to lower the temperature of the water. It was a good thrill factor for the campers if nothing else.

Excited polar bears. Grrr...

Here are the action shots of the actual plunge.

And then a few minutes to just enjoy the pool.